IT Support

Proactive IT Support

All Computer Center brings specialized cost effective IT management to your business. In addition to our qualified personnel we bring tools that allow us to ensure that our customer’s Information Technology infrastructure is reliable and available to its users.

Our organization provides technical services including all the routine maintenance tasks, such as operating system updates, disk fragmentation, periodic virus and malware scans, malfunction detection in components to replace their equipment before they stop working.

– Proactive Support equals Peace of mind.

We work with your business to ensure that we can provide the correct service plan. We offer monthly agreements and terms are flexible to accommodate your needs, budget and level of service, we bring you flexibility and adaptability.


Our service plans are designed to bring our customers peace of mind, security and network stability sought by business. Our service includes antivirus and malware protection for your hardware. Our defense system is always monitoring all the activity on the computer, such as browsers, emails and more.

Have assistance in your Technological Projects

We work hard to ensure that we are your information technology partner as such we can further assist your business with special projects. Some of these project may include servers, database, online hosting, performance issues with your existing services, even when hosted online. Additional services include specialized software systems installation, computer network expansion or analysis of technological growth among others, at a much lower price than it’s usually quoted.

Park Guell

ACC IT Provides your Desktop a Higher Performance

This is one of our leading services. It comes with automated constant monitoring, scanning systems and maintenance that will increase your infrastructure’s performance and profitability, which will generate more strength when working. Don’t allow your equipment to fail in key moments; ACC IT is the solution you are looking for to just focus on your passion and your business.

Guaranteed Scalability

If you are considering installing new equipment on your development plan, we can help you incorporating it quickly and easily. Contact our sales team for new implementations and get higher profits.

Guaranteed Support

The support we provide will give you a high level value and we strive to ensure our customers feel that we really care. Service is our business we want you to feel comfortable by entrusting us with your information technology.

System Updates

Our agent is responsible for managing and checking updates to your Operating System, installed software such as Java, Flash and Browsers among others, to safely maintain the integrity of their software infrastructure level.

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